Version 3.4.0
  • 04 Apr 2024
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Version 3.4.0

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Article Summary

New Features

  • Snowflake data source.
  • BigQuery data source.
  • Support for Excel table synchronization.
  • Google Drive Upload Action.
  • Azure AD user directories now allow a custom callback URL.
  • Merge File Collection Content Action.
  • Added Table.RemoveRows expression function to remove rows.
  • Added PasswordProtectReportDocument expression function.
  • Microsoft Excel Reports can now be saved to HTML.
  • Excel row heights are automatically adjusted before rendering PDF.
  • Added special tags to auto adjust row heights and column widths in Excel.
  • The workspace and task properties of the Task Executor extension can now be dynamic.
  • Added support for HTTP headers to receive delivery/read receipts to MS365 Outlook E-Mail Server. For more information, see Delivery/Read receipts for Microsoft Outlook 365 E-Mail Server
  • Added support for Advanced KPI Extension for Qlik Sense.

Bug Fixes

  • 3.4.0-HF1: Fixed issue when inserting rows and clearing formats of associated cells.
  • Fixed a bug when cropping/scaling chart report elements.
  • NaN is now correctly interpreted when reading JSON.
  • Only supported file types are shown when merging file collections.
  • Browser now gets accept-language code.
  • Data labels are now properly kept when exporting data to MS Word charts.
  • Add missing translation in Dropbox for missing account link.
  • Fixed a bug with boxplot hypercubes and some RPC messages.
  • Improve QSEoW Error message (e.g. when service account password out of date)
  • Add missing file type translations.
  • Fixed an exception when all top dimensions are configured to be collapsed.
  • Fixed some typos, translations and tooltips.
  • PowerPoint templates can only be opened in certain conditions.
  • The remove button of items in the Copy To Workspace sheet now works.
  • Excel native formatting is now no longer lost when exporting tables.
  • CHR(10) and CHR(13) are now properly handled when writing text to PPTX shapes.
  • Fixed a bug where PPTX with no sections would have sections when merged.
  • MS Office template editors no longer close context menus overlapping them.
  • Added proper error message when Excel is in cell edit mode.
  • Fixed expression paramaters for Custom Cell Value expressions.
  • Images of Image Report Elements are now resized with higher quality.
  • Form Fields in Microsoft Word reports will now be converted to PDF form fields.
  • Fixed a bug when passing variables from the extensions.
  • Increased timeout when the designer communicates with the server.

Known Issues

  • There is a timeout with the Vizlib Pivot Table as Chart element when using it together with Qlik Sense November 2023 Patch 2 and higher.
  • Need to manually restart Mail & Deploy if you set a custom callback URL for the Azure AD User Directory.

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